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Solar Energy


Many countries are affected by power shortages. Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to build additional hydropower generation capacity of at least 20,165 Megawatts by 2014. The region has the potential to generate up to 1,750 TWh of energy and only 7% of this figure has been explored, due to significant underinvestment.
Asian countries like China, Japan and India are playing active roles in power projects across Sub-Saharan Africa.
With access to the Sahara, many of the countries in the region possess massive potential for Solar Power which can produce enough power for up to 600 million people. 

Chinese Initiative

China has promised to train technicians from Africa to acquire knowledge and develop technical-know-how in the use of solar energy technologies. We are embracing this initiative towards the deployment of captive energy stations by Greenfield Assets Limited across Africa by 2027.

NEPAD Initiative

The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) is developing an integrated, continent-wide energy strategy which is being funded by a number of organizations inclusive of the African Development Bank & the EU-Africa infrastructure Trust Fund.

We desire to work with the aforementioned organisations towards "ending energy poverty in African".

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