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Powdered Egg


We are involved in the entire Agriculture value chain; providing cutting edge technology and equipment in partnership with the public sector.


Nigerians consume less than 50% of the World Health Organisation recommended consumption of proteins from animal sources per person in a day.

Consequently Greenfield Assets Limited under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement with Ondo State Government of Nigeria has commenced the utilization of 150 Hectares of land for the establishment of 10 million broilers per annum farm with a 4,000 birds per hour meat processing plant; a 600,000 layers farm for the production 100 million eggs per annum; 2 Nos. 20 tons per hour Feed-mill and a 500,000 Eggs per day Egg Powder Plant in Ondo state, Nigeria.


With a supply gap of about 500,000 metric tonnes (mt) and fertile arable
land for cultivation, the untapped potential of the Nigerian palm oil sector is
Nigeria has a local shortage of 700,000 metric tons and importation of palm oil into the country is on the rise.
Greenfield Assets Limited is partnering with the public sector to develop large estate plantation.
Palm oil is a leading oilseed crop that is indispensable. Our intervention efforts, will close the local supply gap and position the country as a major exporter of palm kernel derivatives.


With over 4.5 million tons wheat milling capacity in Nigeria, farmers are currently growing about 400,000 tones per year.

In line with Greenfield Assets Limited's infrastructure development goals, we are working to fill the gap, optimize production beyond name plate milling capacity in Nigeria.

The variety of wheat grown in Nigeria is called "hard wheat", it is heat tolerant unlike winter wheat, thus it can be grown anywhere in Nigeria.

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